NIN 160
The software for the production of stereo images

  NIN 160 is designed to process and print the stereo images taken from the original sled or by hands.

- With a smooth and uniform movement of the camera on a sled capture video. You can also shoot with your hands, it needs to move the camera as possible evenly and smoothly, avoiding distortions and roll the camera. Shoot produce any camera, mobile, iPad, iPhone .... with the quality of HD. The optimal distance to near objects when shooting slide ~ 2 meters. When shooting with a hand can increase the distance, respectively increasing the length of camera movements.



For a given reference point, the program can automatically adjust and cuts the number of desired frames in the parameters of your printer and lenses. You can automatically print a test pitch, to more accurately determine pitch lenticular sheet. You can adjust the picture controls the saturation and noise reduction. After leveling the frame edge of the picture and move to correct the new size, enough to pull the mouse over the edges.



The result can be viewed in the animation, as well as in anaglyph. If the video was shot from right to left, the depth will be turned over. You can see the correct depth in the anaglyph viewing. The program can automatically correct sequence of images, the image itself to set the correct depth.



The sequence of frames can be saved by clicking on the appropriate button. Selecting the name of the file, the frames are numbered automatically. At the same time the project is saved, and to encode the image. Encoding and printing is possible directly from the program. By clicking the button coding encoder starts in which you can load a saved project, with the selected printer settings and lenses are automatically loaded. Possible choice of image size and location of guiding strips. The encoded image can also be saved to a file and print from any graphics editor.



Before process                                                         After process

  Special sled allows to capture photo / video series of images for further processing in programs NIN 160.

Download the presentation
Manual for making the sled

                                                       NIN160 software price  -  $60